PreON - Automated sample preparation workflows for efficient LC/MS analysis


The PreON platform was built to address the demands of reproducible, robust and sensitive sample preparation. It allows research labs to automate protein processing at the push of a button. Free up your valuable time, standardize your results and increase your productivity.
Automates your label-free and chemical labelling workflows
Eliminates manual processing steps (only 5 min hands-on time)
Generates standardized and highly reproducible results
Works seamlessly with ready-to-go iST and iST-NHS kits


The PreON reduces the technical variability of sample preparation, eliminating both manual processing errors and steps. Spend less time preparing your samples whilst achieving and free up your research with even better results.
Time-savings manual iST vs. PreON iST
Coefficient of variation, manual iST vs. PreON iST


The PreON takes ease-of-use to a new level: plug-and-play method selection simplifies and streamlines your protein sample processing by automating our iST and iST-NHS technologies. No change of chemistry is required, fast startup and consistent results are assured. Every step of the PreON workflow is also entirely traceable for utilization in beneficial use within regulated laboratory environments.
●     Process 4-12 samples in less than 3 hours

●     Onboard heated shaker: 10-2,000rpm; up to 70°C heating range

●     Automated swing-out centrifuge: max. 12,000 g

●     Automated pipetting: 10-200 µL range

●     Automated cartridge gripper

●     Optical & ultrasonic sensors control workflow quality

●     Plug & play methods, preinstalled menu-driven workflows

●     A bench top device: H 81 cm (32 in), W 65 cm (25,6 in), D 62 cm (24,4 in), Weight 71,5 kg (157,6 lbs)


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PreOmics develops and provides innovative tools for customers around the world for mass spectrometry (MS)-based sample preparation using cutting-edge technologies to support researchers in their protein analysis needs.

PreOmics is as a spin-off company from the proteomics research group of pioneer Matthias Mann at the Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry. We at PreOmics develop and provide innovative technologies for mass spectrometry-based protein analysis to make your research simply better. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible solutions and at the highest quality to achieve your results faster, easier and in a more robust manner than ever before.
Hombrechtikon Systems Engineering AG (HSE•AG) has been at the leading edge of lab automation for 20 years. With this proven track record, we are committed to developing automated systems that enable science and technology to evolve and accelerate your next breakthrough. A prerequisite for this is application-centric development of integrated systems.

We at HSE•AG adapt to specific customer needs and provide support at the interface of systems engineering and in vitro applications. Our proven track record in applications such as next-generation sequencing, PCR, and capillary electrophoresis enables us to successfully handle the complexities of workflow automation.
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